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World Anime 888
Rules for Requesting


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1. You must email me with your name, address, email address and requested titles. I'll try to reply your request within 48 hrs. If not please email me again.
2. Once your requests approved I will give you my address to send it to.
3. All tapes are recorded only in SP mode and only in VHS.
4. Limit: 10 tapes maximum @ 1 time request. No SASE, No mixing and matching.
5. Prices are including tape, paper sleeve, label, and shipping.
1 tape=$8.00, 2 tapes=$15.00, 3 tapes=$20.00, 4 tapes=$27.00, 5 tapes=$34.00, 6 tapes=$40.00, 7 tapes=$46.00, 8 tapes=$58.00, 9 tapes=$58.00, 10 tapes=$64.00
6. If you get a bad tape such as a blank tape, different title please email me within 7 days. As for rating quality you know my ratings are subjective so please don't yell at me if you find it differently.
7. You have to send in the tape back to me with providing shipping costs for the replacement tapes.
8. This is a fan service and not a business. All these tapes are absolutely not for sale, rent or bid on the internet.
9. I am not held responsibilty for USPS mishandling, lost or damaged your tapes.